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5 Common Places Ticks Hide on Dogs.

Check your dogs for ticks daily, particularly during warm seasons. For our friends with extra fur, make sure to press in through their coat and feel for bumps on the skin which could be ticks.

Generally speaking, ticks are looking for the warmest spaces on your dogs body to latch on so here are the places you DEFINITELY want to keep an eye on:

1 – Under the Collar: Since dogs collars aren’t usually removed, it’s possible for a tick to make a little home underneath it without anyone noticing. Make sure to remove your dog’s collar from time to time and inspect for ticks.
2 – “Private” Areas: Near your dogs genitals and perianal area tend to stay warm, making them a popular spot for ticks to latch on.
3 – If you notice your dog scratching at its ears, ticks could be the cause. All the little crevices inside of an ear make it a popular spot for ticks to hang out.
4 – Betweeb Toes: Ticks are excellent at hiding, so spots like between the toes are cozy and not something that’s easy to see – making it a perfect place for a tick to setup camp.
5 – Near the Eyelids : Is it a skin tag or is a it a tick around your dogs eyes? It can truly be difficult to tell, which is why around the eyes is one place ticks go unnoticed. If you’re not sure, it’s best to consult with a professional.

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