Terms and Definitions:

Term Definition
Pest Any undesired insect or rodent in a given property.
Fogging / Fumigation A process of insecticide application during which the pesticide is injected into the ambient air in very thin fog. This pesticide then reaches in most directions to all surfaces.
Spray Insecticide is diluted from the concentrate form and applied as coarse spray. It is in liquid form but with substantial air pressure.
Bait It is a food formulated to be palatable by a certain pest. The pest would find it during foraging and consume it in time. The pesticides is a very small amount hidden in the bait.
Dust Dust is another form of Insecticide. Usually it works by contact. And often it affects the outer and inner elements of a Pest.
Rodenticide Compound or substance used to exterminate mice and rats.
Insecticide Substances used to get rid of Insects.

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