What Our Customers Say:


Our tenants had caused a bad case of fleas in our property in Vaughan. After they had left the fleas were very aggressive to anybody entering the house. Luckily our friends told us about Vaughan Pest Control Services. We had great experience with their service. We completely got rid of the problem in a few days and have not had any issues since.

Sheri W

“Carpenter Ants”

We had stumbled upon a Carpenter ant nest during our washroom renovations on upper floors. The ants were nesting in the dampened wood joists. We called Vaughan Pest Control folks and they delivered very effective and timely service to get rid of this pest problem. Read more at Facebook.

James B

“Nasty Bed Bugs”

A tenant brought in some nasty bedbugs from a hostel she had stayed at in New York. Quest came in, did their thing – and the problem as rectified before it became a huge problem.

Damion S

“Sneaky Pests”

It can happen to anyone when you bring in groceries or take out food that you get some unwanted creatures sneak into your house. Well we had a situation that required professional pest control services in Vaughan.

Samantha B

“Fire Ants”

At times, fire ants would sting us in our backyard near the pool sitting area. We called these fine folks and they treated our home. We were able to enjoy our home without the bugs from thereon. Thanks.

Lisa C

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