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Vaughan Pest Control Services delivers Peace of Mind, regardless what kind and scope of Pest you face. We get rid of Bed Bugs, Fleas, Cockroaches, Centipedes, Spiders, Ants, Moths and Flies.

BED bug extermination

Dual Insecticides Application

  • Dual Insecticides Application is superior to Heat Treatment.

  • Baseboards, Door Frames, Electrical Sockets, etc are treated with Dragnet Emulsion.

  • All key bed components, night tables, dressers, etc are treated with registered insecticides.

  • We are confident of our service so as to include a 7 months limited warranty.

Bed Bug Extermination
Brown-Banded Cockroaches feasting on Fatal bait in a refrigerator

Cockroach Extermination

Complete Elimination without Intrusion

No need to empty out cabinets in kitchen, washroom or elsewhere. No need to vacate for the extermination service delivery. We use most advanced bait matrix from BASF, Bayer and others that delivers fool proof solutions. Our exterminators have decades of experience to know what to treat and how to treat.

Vaughan Pest Control Services

Delivering peace of Mind

Vaughan Pest Control Services exterminates Bed Bugs, Fleas, Centipedes, Spiders, Moths, Flies, Tick and Mites by applying Insecticides Spray. That does require the residents to vacate for 4 hours. Upon return, ventilate by opening windows for a period of time.

For pests such as Ants, Cockroaches and Mice, Vaughan Pest Control Services uses bait. In this case the residents do not need to vacate.

  • All our exterminators are Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.

  • We are member of SPMAO, BBB and Business Board of Trade.

Household Pests:

Creepy Crawlies of Vaughan:

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Our tenants had caused a bad case of fleas in our property in Vaughan. After they had left the fleas were very aggressive to anybody entering the house. Luckily our friends told us about Vaughan Pest Control Services. We had great experience with their service. We completely got rid of the problem in a few days and have not had any issues since.

Sheri W