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bed bugs and their weaknesses

The adult Bed Bugs are easily seen by naked eye. They are about the size of an apple seed. They are quite flat – that is – they have very little height compared to their length and width. This height changes depending upon the amount of blood they ingested last time. When completely hungry, Bed Bugs appear almost paper thin. But when they just had a full meal on a host’s blood, they would look comparatively puffed up. To some people, Bed Bugs seem to have a metaphysical existence. As if Bed Bugs can disappear into the matrix of fabric fibers. And as if Bed Bugs play hide and seek and can read human mind.

Fact is Bed Bugs merely have instincts that have served them well. These instincts have developed over time to help them survive to this day. Bed Bugs have made a comeback to thrive in modern human dwellings.

“I am considering burning down my house to get rid of Bed Bugs!”

This shows the frustration some people come to face after trying over the counter remedies. “Am I ever gonna be free from Bed Bugs?”. Fact is there are thousands of clients who have rid of their infestations by our service deliveries. Damian said, “This was a few years ago – and there hasn’t been a single problem/recurrence since.”


Bed Bugs prefer not to move often, fast or on open flat surfaces. Even when exposed to light and touched by a human, their instincts tells them to stay still as if they do not exist. Some of the reasons they go on the move, include:

  • Looking for a new nesting spot
  • Excreting business has to take place
  • Egg laying has to take place
  • Looking for a mate
  • Current nesting spots feels congested or unsafe

Bed Bugs instincts also drive them to stay in depressed spots in the bed. Also, areas such as cracks, gaps, slits and holes offer them safety features to use as a nesting spot.

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