Fleas Pest Control

Fleas Extermination and Fumigation Services for Vaughan

Regardless of the level of infestation, we resolve Flea cases with single visit and application to your property, more than 90% of the times. In other cases we may have to perform a second visit and application, which is provided free of cost under our 7 months warranty.

We deploy latest of insecticides spray to eradicate Cat and Dog Fleas. We treat all areas of property under concern, along baseboards, door frames, and windows, including cracks and gaps in flooring where Fleas may be hiding. We require you to leave the property for 4 hours after the application. There is no cleaning required on your part.

Flea extermination is achieved by them coming into contact with the residual of the insecticides spray which contaminates Fleas and proves to be a lethal contact in time for Fleas.

It may take up to 5 weeks for all Fleas to become affected by the residual insecticide and die off. Our services include a 7 months warranty, during which one second application is provided free of cost, if needed.

Our Spray application is the only sure way of getting rid of Fleas.

You would need to get the pest treated as well as your property services by Professional Fleas exterminators to completely get rid of Fleas. Fleas are very hard to kill using over the counter domestically registered pesticides available in home hardware stores. Cleaning your homebound the baseboard using a good vacuum with a brush attachment, in advance, would deliver greater affect by our treatment as pesticides keep their chemical potency when applied to cleaner areas.

If you have used any over the counter pesticides powders, please, clean them away before booking for a Spray application.

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