Clothes Moth – Their Pest Control and Extermination

Clothes Moth – Their Pest Control and Extermination

They are also called webbing clothes moths.

Life cycle

The adult female would lay eggs in clusters of 30 to 200. These eggs would usually be laid down with a glue like substance.

After 4 to 10 days later, very tiny caterpillars larvae would emerge from these eggs. These caterpillars would start to feed upon the natural fibers and other natural materials and food items that may be found in the vicinity of their birthplace.

These larvae would spin cocoon and in the dark they would partially emerge out from this cocoon to feed on nearby materials. After 1 to 48 months later the larvae has matured into a Pupae stage depending upon the temperature and the environment. It will take further 10 to 50 days for the Pupae to become an adult Moth.

The adult Moths prefer to travel over surfaces without becoming airborne. The adult Moth lives between 15 to 30 days. The only goal of the adults is to mate and lay eggs. They do not feed after becoming an adult moth.

Significance as a Pest

The Clothes Moths are considered a serious Pest as they feed on clothing and natural fibers. These Pests have the ability to digest keratin protein in wool and silk. The Female Moth would prefer dirty fabric to lay eggs and in particular the areas of carpet and fabrics that contains human sweat, skin, food debris, etc. These tiny amounts are enough of a food source for the larvae to feed upon besides natural fibers of carpet, upholstery, etc. Tint amount of evaporation from human skin that has been absorbed into these materials would be very helpful to these larvae.

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House Fly – Their Pest Control and Extermination

House Flies – Their Pest Control and Extermination

These flying insects are truly despised because of the implications of their presence.

All flies begin as eggs likely deposited into decaying organic matter. Then they become larvae or maggots at the next stage. Then these would feed and become larger larvae. That happens in a 3 cycles of growing into larger and larger larvae.

At this point the larvae has turned into a pupae with a harder outer skin shell. The pupae grows into adult fly and emerges out of this shell.

The wings unfold and reach out to the usual state within short period of time.

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Wasps and Hornets – Their Pest Control and Extermination

Wasp and Hornets – Their Pest Control and Extermination

The sight of Wasps and Hornets brings out emotions of fear in some people and rightfully so. There is a section of us that may have an allergic reaction to the sting of a Wasp or a Hornet.

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