Pesticides Data:

Product NameManufacturerPCP #MSDSActive Ingredient
Drax® Dual SyringeWaterbury20478Orthoboric Acid 5%
Dragnet FT EC Concentrate Nu-Gro24175Premethrin 384g/L, ie 45%-55%
Maxforce® Roach Killer GelClorox24240Hydramethylnon 2.15%
Tempo 20 WPBayer25673Cyfluthrin 20%
Advance Dual Choice 360A Bait StnWhitmire Micro-Gen27897Abamectin B1 – 0.011%

And the data for the rodenticides:

Product NameManufacturerPCP #MSDSActive Ingredient
Contrac BloxBell Labs22239Bromadiolone 0.005%
Final® BloxBell Labs25423Brodifacoum 0.005%